Tales of the Sidhe Queen

La Senorita

Fool's Run


The crew of La Senorita, after being plied with wine and paid a thousand Gilders advance agreed to go with the Sidhe Queen and the Hanged Man to Avalon via Montaigne.

During the voyage, Belle and Dimitri made disturbing discoveries in their research. Monte freed a woman named Feather from an orb in which she was magically trapped. She turned out to be a fairy air princess and enamoured with Monte.

The crew dropped Hanse, the ship’s surgeon, at a Montaigne fishing village before proceeding to Avalon. They also promoted Twofus McGee to 2nd Lieutenant.

Upon arrival in Avalon, the ships were met by a fleet of the Sea Dogs and the heads of the Explorer Society. Monte insisted on overseeing the offload of artifacts and Belle went about speaking with the Society Members about her discoveries. Yuri paid an additional thousand Gilders he promised to the La Senorita crew, then with Tatiana with her puppy, was whisked away for some pomp and celebration.

10 xp


The Society Members were all promoted in light of their discoveries and delivery of the huge cache of artifacts. The crew of La Senorita chose to set off on their own, unmolested as promised. Yuri displayed Ussuran generosity gifting Twofus and Monte with bottles of Vodka and Excellent Wine respectively, as well as revealing his Boyar Princely Finery for the first time as he joined the celebration parties.

La Senorita

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