Tales of the Sidhe Queen

Matters of Court

Audience with the Queen

Queen Elaine

Yuri and Dimitri each threw in five hundred Gilder to ensure the Castille crew safe and enjoyable shore leave. Yuri led the suspicious group into the Sailor’s District which they had bought out to quell their fears of some Avalonian plot or trap.

Belle had been watching Tiana in the library of the luxurious apartments provided by the Explorer Society. She appeared on the docks sans child looking for Alende, hoping he would talk to Jeremiah Berek on our behalf and gain the favor of Queen Elaine to sanction our missions. She stumbled across Dimitri talking to Twofus on the docks near the ship. Twofus informed them that Alende, Buchanen, Monte and Feather were all on the ship. Yuri and Zander wandered back from the festivities as Twofus was going off about Captain Buchanen and the haunted ship.

As a group, Belle, Dimitri, Zander and Yuri went aboard. Monte was fast asleep on watch in a hammock strung on deck. Alende and Feather were conversing over tea. Belle was discussing her concerns and Zander was pissing off Feather by mentioning the Syrneth. It came out that Feather is exiled from her people, cast out in a sort of societal rejection that her people will ignore her very existance. Berek appeared from the ship’s head, insulted Alende with references to the Castille Armada, and agreed to gain us audience with the Queen.

Yuri was more than willing to address the issues, although he lacks refinement at Matters of Court.

5 xp


Belle agreed to speak to the Queen, presenting Yuri’s proposal (endorsed by both Alende and Berek). Berek became extremely interested in Dimitri when he found out he was the son of a famous cannonsmith. It was going to take a while to get an audience, so Yuri planned to take Tiana about the countryside the next day.

Yuri began to teach Tiana the basics of speaking to animals. He acquired the spirit skin of the dog and the horse while they wndered through town, then set off into the country hoping to find a crow. Before long they were in the wood and a pack of wolves set in to attack them. They balked when Yuri began to speak to them. It took some convincing, explaining, a food bribe and transforming before them to get the wolves to understand Pyriem, but they then gave up their spirit skin.

The fey sprinkled Yuri, Tiana and the wolves with green glamour that smelt of gingerbread cookies. Yuri offered them some grapes, which they greedily took. Then they pelted him with the seeds and a small silver ring, sized for Tiana. Choosing caution, Yuri put the ring in his pouch to be examined rather than risking Tiana by letting her wear it.

The Castillan Captain of La Senorita began to have concerns over his familiy’s safety in Castille and was arguing with Alende when Yuri and Tiana returned. Zander, Dimitri and Belle were trying to quell the argument. Yuri suggested he send a letter from a distant uncle having has family meet his at the fishing village where we dropped hanse, since we would be stopping there to pick him up anyway. Monte was still asleep. So was Feather, so Yuri could not ask her about the green glamour that sparkled over himself and Tiana or the ring.

Berek summoned us to his office at Sea Dog HQ. The Queen had concerns over the Castillan Captain, which Berek voiced. Our meeeting was scheduled for the following afternoon.

5 xp

Matters of Court

Key Components of Yuri’s Proposal-

-Inquisitor Threat: Slavery and murder of Avalonian subjects. Seeking dangerous artifacts, some capable of destroying entire islands. The proposed group would interdict on Avalon’s behalf and prevent these threats.

-Loyalty & Glory: Elaine gains devotion of those sanctioned, plus shares in successes and glory of freeing slaves from oppression, saving lives, and securing treasures otherwise destroyed or used against humanity by the Inquisitors.

-Service of Heroes: Alende’s debt is not to Avalon, but through the crew of the Sidhe Queen Avalon may have his invaluable service, which Sir Jerimiah Berek can attest to. Not to mention the groups services, who in their foundling mission took down and captured a large Inquisitor treasure ship.

-A Third Ship: Group requests a third fast ship to compliment the Sidhe Queen and the Hanged Man. Yuri proposes Dimitri as Captain and those Castillan sailors from La Senorita who wish to join as crew. Dimitri can help to refit her guns and Zander can make any carpentry repairs or modifications. Monte can see to the rigging. Belle can navigate her. And of course, Yuri can act as Bosun to keep crew morale high.

-Letter of Marque: Declaring Inquisitor crimes against Avalon and humanity through use of death camp labor. Enables justified attacks on such slave labor dig sites to free Avalonians (and consequently others) and attack Inqisitor treasure ships. Terms would likely include safe haven in Avalonian ports and colonies and financial as well as political backing.

Matters of Court

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