Tales of the Sidhe Queen

The Bosun's Tale

Excerpts from Yuri's Log Book

My name is Yuri Dragov. I am a Boyar from Ussura. My family has made their living for generations in the potato buisiness. The liquid potato buisiness, that is. Dragov Vodka is a popular commodity in the taverns of the city of Odyesse in Somojez. I chose to go off to school and become a barber. Not just some trimmer of beards, but more of a surgeon as well. While at school, I found I had a talent for learning new languages and met my wife Ekateirna. I also met a visiting member of the Explorer Society researching in the school archives. He invited me to travel to Avalon to further my education and join the Society.

However, my new friend did not provide me with transport. I loaded my ornate seachest with Gilders and basic supplies and found passage on the first ship out from Odyesse. Seven ships later I had found I had a talent as a ship’s Bosun and for using my art and medical knowledge to administer tattoos to crewmen. None ever suspected I was noble, for I have the gruff look of the common people. I was careful not to reveal my cash stores, keeping them under masterwork lock and key.

I spent two years in Avalon, corresponding by letter, sending gifts and sketches home to my wife and daughter in Odyesse. It was through letters and rumors at the college that I learned of the Montaigne invasion. My wife sent our daughter to be with me while she kept our estate in order. Then I learned through friends at home that my wife was having frequent audiences with the new Governor. The letters slowed, then stopped. However my stipend continued at a steady 500 Gilders a month.

The Society began to send me out on expeditions. Rather than board my daughter at some stuffy Avalonian Institution, I took her with me. Our travels eventually led us to the Avalonian Colony of New Fenshire. It was there that I ended up overhearing a Bosun quit and hired on to the Sidhe Queen, under the condition that I bring my daughter Tiana.


The Crimson Roger

Once the good Captain Buchanen decided to set sail, we left New Fenshire for the Straights of Blood. At this time, none of the crew or officers had disclosed the true nature of our ship’s mission. I kept busy with my duties. Or more accurately, I kept the crew busy. The Sidhe Queen was in dire need of some spit and polish, the trim needed new paint and dozens of other routine tasks that had fallen behind under the former Bosun. Tiana spent most of this time below decks in Monte’s library or with dawding after Belle.

We encountered a pair of pirate ships, but just as they were closing to flank us, a great fish swallowed one vessel whole and drove the other to scuttle on a reef. Our Captain chose to give aid to the grounded ship as the fish disappeared. It turned out to be the ship of Allendre, a sort of Pirate King among the Brotherhood of the Coast. With his ship in dire need of repairs, we limped into the port of Bilgewater.

While the crew was enjoying some revelry at the Powder Keg Tavern, the Dread Pirate Reese arrived. Our crew swiftly and quietly returned to the Sidhe Queen and snuck out of port past the Crimson Roger. The Captain set for the port of Tumbledown, a semi-retirement community for successful sea dogs. More or less a sophisticated haven away from the dregs that make up most crews. We kept a low profile until Allende’s ship was ready to make sail.

While in Tumbledown, I found oppurtunity to close down a tavern with Zander, the ship’s carpenter. It was he who finally told me that our Explorer Society mission was to seek a safe passage through the Straights of Blood and chart the unknown islands and reefs therein. He also informed me that the ship was under command of the Society Members and that the Captain was a hired man, not in fact the leader of the expidition. However, the next day our ally Allende suggested we sail north rather than continuing south and risking an encounter with the Dread Pirate Reese.

From Tumbledown, we made for the Isle of Carlos. The port was a refuge for heretics who held the common belief that Thea was all-accepting love. Despite their convictions to convert us to their philosiphy of universal love, they were overwhelmingly tolerant and accepting folk. I met a Fire Mage named Alejandro, who showed Tiana and myself gracious hospitality. I returned the favor by bringing an excellent bottle of Castillan wine from my collection for dinner. Despite some theological differences, we got on famously. He also proved to be a very useful source of information on the troubles that lie ahead. Marcena lie on our course and was occupied by an aggressive force of Inquisitors looking to quell any uprising or threat to their beliefs.

The Bosun's Tale

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