Tales of the Sidhe Queen

The Society

Great Pomp and Grave Matters

Well into the reception at the Explorer Society, the Headmaster pulled the group aside for a private counsel. He emphasized the secrecy of what they had discovered and discussed options for dealing with everything from the Castillan crew to the Inquisitor prisoners, even suggesting that Queen Elaine herself become involved in matters. How to deal with the Inquisitors and the Vaticine was discussed in some depth. It would be too risky to allow them to know of La Senorita’s capture.

All involved were promoted to the Rank of the Forbidden Sea. Yuri volunteered to deliver the Society’s proposal to the Castillan crew, a job with the Society or a home in Avalon to avoid their exposure to any who might link them to La Senorita. Belle offered to accompany him. Yuri’s Letter was sent off to his wife in Ussura.

5 XP

10 pts of general reputation

10 pts of Explorer Society only reputation



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