Montague DuFoulex

Golden-Haired Mad Montaigne Scouring the 7 Seas for Sorcery and Science, as a kid his connections with his Kingly kin were kept concealed.


Name: Montague DuFoulex
Player: Chad the Destroyer
Nationality: Montaigne
Arcana: Hubris-Righteous
Profession: Professor of Ancient Races, Avalonian University
Membership: The Explorer’s Society

Traits: Brawn:(oo) Finesse: (ooo) Wits:(oo) Resolve:(ooo) Panache: (ooooo)

Backgrounds: Foul Weather Jack (oooo), Lost Royal Heir to the Throne of Montaigne

Advantages: Linguist (reduced cost for learning languages; see table), Spark of Genius, University, Alchemist, Odd Sleeping Habits, Noble, Tenure, Close Family Members Rank 10(Royalty), Published (1)

Appearance: Tall and Lanky, Introverted, Bookworm, Noble Features, Thin Bloodless Lips, Clean Shaven, Long Curly Blonde Hair, Always Finely Dressed and Equipped, Manic Depressive, Always Distracted, Thinking with a Far Away Look In His Eye

Equipment: Alchemist’s Laboratory, Portable Lab in Magic Murder Bag, Fine Whetstone, Flint and Tinder, Maps of All The Known World, Map-making Gear and supply of parchment, Multiple colors of Iridescent Ink, Library Stocked With Grimoires nd Fiction, Strongbox With Gold, Strongbox for Artifacts

Languages: Native-Montaigne with a strange Vendel Accent
Well- Castillian, Vodacce, Vendel
Good- Eisen, Tech-Speak, Thean
Poor- Kanu, Ussuran, Cresent Empire

Sorcery: Twice-Blooded. Porte Magic, Laerdom Magic
Porte Knacks: Catch (oo), Attunement (oo) Blooded (oo) Pocket(o)
Laerdom Knacks: Sinne (Anger) oo, Sterk (wholeness) oo, Velstand (Wealth)oo

Swordsman School: Tout Pres (School of Dirty Tricks)
Sword Knacks: Double-Parry (ooo), Corps-a-Corps (oo), Tagging (oo), Improvised Weapons (oo), Know Weakness (o)

Civil Skills:
Alchemy: Natural Philosophy (oo), Research (ooo), Occult (ooo), Poisoning (oo)
Scholar: History (oo), Mathematics (ooo), Research (ooo), Philosophy (oo)
Engineer: Architecture (oo), Mathematics (ooo), Drafting (oo)
Sailor: Climbing (ooo), Balance (ooo), Knot-work(o), Rigging (ooo)
Professor: Mooch (oo), Writing (oo), Research (ooo), Oratory (oo)
Martial Skills:
Dirty Fighting: Attack(ooo), Parry (ooo), Throw Weapon (ooo)
Fencing: Attack(ooo), Parry(ooo)
Athelete: Climbng (ooo), Throwing (oo), Sprinting (oo), Footwork (ooo)
Footwork (ooo)= TN 25
Parry, Double Parry (ooo)= TN 25
Balance(ooo) = TN 25
Catch Bullet (oo) !!!
Sprint (oo) = TN 20

Special Abilities:
+5 to parry with improvised weapons
No off hand penalty for improvised weapon
Invoke Runes
Stern Rune: +5 to all passive defense
Master of the Tops


Montague DuFoulex

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