Yuri Dragov

Ussuran Boyar, Barber and Bosun


Юрий Драгов

Nationality: Ussuran

Province: Somojez

Hometown: Odyesse

Yuri is short and broad with coarse dark body hair and dark eyes. The emerald eyes associated with nobility skipped him but were passed on to his daughter. He has bear-like features reminiscent of primitive man, earning him the nickname Yuri the Bear. He likes to keep his head shaven and has a fondness for tattoo art. He normally dresses in his Avalonian Bosun uniform both on and off ship, with his orb net and a purse of 20 Gilders tied off to the belt and a hatchet tucked through it.

Explorer Society Rank: 4 (The Forbidden Sea)

Reputation: 10 (21 among Explorer Society)

Reputation Dice: 1 (2 with Explorer Society)

Drama Dice: 0

Drama Dice Spent: 3

Career Experience: 45

Unspent Experience: 5

Traits: 56 pts
Brawn 3
Finesse 2
Resolve 4
Wits 2
Panache 2

Sorcery: 20 pts
Pyeryem Half-Blood (Mouse)
Speak 1
Man 1
Mouse 1
Seagull 1 (2xp)
Horse 1 (2xp)
Dog 1 (2xp)
Wolf 1 (2xp)

Advantages: 22 pts
Noble (5) 500 Gilders a month income, title and land holding in Ussura
University (3) Civil skills cost one point at beginning of game
Linguist (2) Languages cost one point less to purchase
Toughness (3) All wound checks have one extra kept die
Able Drinker (1) Drinking never affects rolls regardless of amount consumed
Explorer Society (5) Membership in the Explorer Society
Indomitable Will (3) Roll two additional unkept dice to resist contested social rolls

Backgrounds: 4 pts
Lost Love: Wife left him to be Governor’s Mistress (1)
Rivalry: Montaigne Governor of Odyesse – Marquis Allivohn Valroux du Martisse (3)

Sword School: Bogatyr: 25 pts
Weapon Used: Hvy Axe
Lunge (Hvy Wpn) 1
Pommel Strike (Hvy Wpn) 1
Throw (Hvy Wpn: Axe) 1 (2xBrawn=yds)
Exploit Weakness (Bogatyr) 1
Free Raise with Hvy Axe (+5 to rolls)
Heavy Weapon
-Attack 3 (10xp)
-Parry 2 (4xp)

Arcana: +10 pts
Hubris: Star-Crossed

Disadvantages: +5 pts
Dependent Child: Tatiana – 100 Gilders a month to support (4)
Allergy Cats (1)

Languages: 13 pts
Ussura (0)
Crescent (1)
Teodoran (1)
Vendel (1)
Vodacce (1)
Eisen (1)
Thean (2)
Montaigne (2)
Avalon (2)
Castille (2)

Skills: 10 pts
Athlete (Regional/+5 TN to Civil Knacks when not in Wild)
-Climbing 2
-Footwork 3 (1hp)
-Sprinting 1
-Throwing 1
Sailor (1)
-Balance 4 (1hp + 8xp)
-Climbing 2
-Knotwork 1
-Rigging 1
-Swimming 1 (2xp)
Acrobat (1hp)
-Footwork 3
-Balance 4
Artist (1hp)
-Drawing 2
-Singing 1 (2xp)
Scholar (1hp)
-History 1
-Math 1
-Philosophy 1
-Research 2
Archeology (1hp)
-Explorer Society Lore 1
-Society 1
-Occult 1
-Research 2
-Syrneth Lore 1 (2xp)
Hunter (Swordsman School)
-Traps 1
-Fishing 1
-Survival 1
-Tracking 1
-Stealth 1
Merchant (1hp)
-Barber 2
Doctor (1hp)
-First Aid 2
-Diagnosis 2
-Quack 1
-Surgery 1 (2xp)
-Dentist 1 (2xp)
Herbalist (1hp)
-Cooking 1
-Diagnosis 2
-First Aid 2
-Flora 1

Gear: 1,500 Gilders
1 Ussuran Somojez Boyar Court Outfit (Fine)
1 Explorer Society Digger Outfit w/ Coat & Society Pin (10 Gilders)
1 Ussuran Heavy Winter Outfit w/ Furs & Ussuran Hat (20 Gilders)
1 Avalon Bosun’s Dress Uniform w/ Top Hat & Bosun’s Whistle (10 Gilders)
3 Avalon Bosun’s Deck Uniforms (15 Gilders)
1 Barber’s Surgical Outfit w/ Spare Aprons & Gloves (5 Gilders)
Set of 5 Exceptional Silver Razors (100 Gilders)
Set of 5 Pairs of Scissors (20 Gilders)
Whetstone, Strap, Oil Cloth, Brush Set, Soap (8 Gilders)
Surgical Kit w/ Bandages, Splints, Needles, Thread, Knife: 1k2, Throw 5 yards + 2xBrawn (120 Gilders)
Mortar & Pestle (3 Gilders)
Large Sea Chest w/ TN 30 Lock (30 Gilders)
Excellent Bottle of Castille Wine (5 Gilders)
Excellent Bottle of Montaigne Wine (5 Gilders)
Excellent Bottle of Vodacce Wine (5 Gilders)
5 Bottles of Fine Avalonian Wine (5 Gilders)
10 Bottles of Common Avalonian Wine (1 Gilder)
1 Bottle of Dragov Vodka (2 Gilders)
Hatchet (1 Gilder): 2k2, Throw 5 yards plus brawn
Heavy Axe (Ussuran Wood Axe): 3k2, Throw 2xBrawn Yards
Orb of Phosphorescent Material in Net Bag (Artifact kept tied to belt)
Cat O’ 9 Tails & Heavy Manacles (7 Gilders)
Tattoo Pens (15 Gilders) & 5 Bottles of Ink (3 Gilders)
Cash Box w/ TN 30 Lock (15 Gilders)
1,120 Gilders in Coin
Paid 1,000 Gilder advance to La Senorita Crew
Earned 5 mos. Noble = 2,500 Gilders
Earned 5 mos. Bosun = 300 Gilders
Dependent cost 5 mos. = 500 Gilders
Paid 1,000 Gilder upon arrival to La Senorita Crew
1,420 Gilders in Coin
Spent 500 Gilders on Castille Crew Shore Leave
920 Gilders in Coin

Silver Fey Ring (sized for Tiana)


History: Yuri the Bear is from city of Odyesse in Somojez. He left to seek knowledge and travel the world. His home in Ussura was occupied by the Montaigne. So was his wife, Ekateirna Dragov (Екатерина). She became involved with the Governor of Odyesse while Yuri’s daughter was visiting him at the University in Avalon. His wife also has a fondness for cats, which Yuri is allergic to and give him fits of sneezing. Their five year old daughter, Tatiana (Татиана) and her Black Lab pup, Elaine now travel with Yuri on his Explorer Society adventures. Yuri calls her Tiana (Тиана) for short.

Pyeryem: When Yuri’s time came to call on his animal spirit, he went out into the wilderness and waited. It wasn’t long before he saw a large Kodiak shamble out of the wood and his heart swelled with pride. However, his brother the bear said it was not to be him that Yuri recieved. Then Yuri heard the shriek of a hawk. But again he was disappointed. The same thing occurred with both the wolf and a snow leopard. Then Yuri noticed a wee mouse tugging at the leg of his trousers. With a heavy sigh he accepted the will and humor of Matushka and accepted the skin of the mouse.

The Bosun’s Tale

My name is Yuri Dragov. I am a Boyar from Ussura. My family has made their living for generations in the potato buisiness. The liquid potato buisiness, that is. Dragov Vodka is a popular commodity in the taverns of the city of Odyesse in Somojez. I chose to go off to school and become a barber. Not just some trimmer of beards, but more of a surgeon as well. While at school, I found I had a talent for learning new languages and met my wife Ekateirna. I also met a visiting member of the Explorer Society researching in the school archives. He invited me to travel to Avalon to further my education and join the Society.

However, my new friend did not provide me with transport. I loaded my ornate seachest with Gilders and basic supplies and found passage on the first ship out from Odyesse. Seven ships later I had found I had a talent as a ship’s Bosun and for using my art and medical knowledge to administer tattoos to crewmen. None ever suspected I was noble, for I have the gruff look of the common people. I was careful not to reveal my cash stores, keeping them under masterwork lock and key.

I spent two years in Avalon, corresponding by letter, sending gifts and sketches home to my wife and daughter in Odyesse. It was through letters and rumors at the college that I learned of the Montaigne invasion. My wife sent our daughter to be with me while she kept our estate in order. Then I learned through friends at home that my wife was having frequent audiences with the new Governor. The letters slowed, then stopped. However my stipend continued at a steady 500 Gilders a month.

The Society began to send me out on expeditions. Rather than board my daughter at some stuffy Avalonian Institution, I took her with me. Our travels eventually led us to the Avalonian Colony of New Fenshire. It was there that I ended up overhearing a Bosun quit and hired on to the Sidhe Queen, under the condition that I bring my daughter Tiana.

Yuri Dragov

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