Yuri's Letter

Yuri's correspondence to Ekateirna from Avalon


My Dearest Ekateirna,

I know it has been some time since my last letter. We have left the colony of New Fenshire in the Midnight Archepelago and returned to Avalon. Tatiana is well. I pray to Matushka that all is well with you as you have not returned my last three letters.

I miss both you and our homeland deeply. Has it been nearly three years now since I left Ussura? I was hoping you might come visit me during my time at the University in Avalon. It was sheer joy when Tatiana arrived in Avalon a little over a two years ago. She recently turned five. She would have loved to see you on her birthday. As it were, we celebrated her birthday with a hospitable Castillan man named Allejandro and his family on the Isle of Carlos.

I hope the Montaigne occupation has not been too harsh for you. The Marquis Allivohn Valroux du Martisse is reputed to take little personal interest in the day to day operation of our fair city. I have heard he has a keen interest in you however, but trust you have matters well in hand. You always were talented at matters of Court, where I am not. The vodka buisiness must be doing well as I am still recieving my monthly stipend. Tatiana and I will return to Odyesse when first we can. It seems we are caught up some terribly important buisiness that I can not divulge at this time.

I am acting as Ship’s Bosun on an Avalonian vessel, The Sidhe Queen. They treat me well, and shower adoration on Tatiana. Ironically, I have met a couple of Montaigne crewmembers with whom I manage to get along. Belle is Tatiana’s favorite, and has helped to continue her education. She is somewhat of a reclusive bookworm. Monte is as mad as an inbred Montaigne noble. And he frequently rends Porte holes as if he were unaware or uncaring as to their nature. He does serve proper tea and can be reasoned with at times. I have grown fond of the ship’s carpenter, Zander. He seems the most outgoing and least presumptious of the lot. Dimitri, the master gunner, is even more reclusive than Belle. At least she socializes with Tatiana. Our second mate, Twofus, is crass and abrasive, but full of lore and tales. The Captain, a man named Buchanan, is even more reclusive than the rest. It is rumored that his dead fiance haunts the ship, and I for one believe them.

Tatiana sends her love. Mine has never left you.

Love Always, Your Husband

Yuri Dragov


Upon return to Avalon in Theah from the Archepelago, Yuri wrote a letter and sent it via Explorer Society messengers to his wife back in Ussura.

Yuri's Letter

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