Tales of the Sidhe Queen

Matters of Court
Audience with the Queen

Queen Elaine

Yuri and Dimitri each threw in five hundred Gilder to ensure the Castille crew safe and enjoyable shore leave. Yuri led the suspicious group into the Sailor’s District which they had bought out to quell their fears of some Avalonian plot or trap.

Belle had been watching Tiana in the library of the luxurious apartments provided by the Explorer Society. She appeared on the docks sans child looking for Alende, hoping he would talk to Jeremiah Berek on our behalf and gain the favor of Queen Elaine to sanction our missions. She stumbled across Dimitri talking to Twofus on the docks near the ship. Twofus informed them that Alende, Buchanen, Monte and Feather were all on the ship. Yuri and Zander wandered back from the festivities as Twofus was going off about Captain Buchanen and the haunted ship.

As a group, Belle, Dimitri, Zander and Yuri went aboard. Monte was fast asleep on watch in a hammock strung on deck. Alende and Feather were conversing over tea. Belle was discussing her concerns and Zander was pissing off Feather by mentioning the Syrneth. It came out that Feather is exiled from her people, cast out in a sort of societal rejection that her people will ignore her very existance. Berek appeared from the ship’s head, insulted Alende with references to the Castille Armada, and agreed to gain us audience with the Queen.

Yuri was more than willing to address the issues, although he lacks refinement at Matters of Court.

5 xp

The Society
Great Pomp and Grave Matters

Well into the reception at the Explorer Society, the Headmaster pulled the group aside for a private counsel. He emphasized the secrecy of what they had discovered and discussed options for dealing with everything from the Castillan crew to the Inquisitor prisoners, even suggesting that Queen Elaine herself become involved in matters. How to deal with the Inquisitors and the Vaticine was discussed in some depth. It would be too risky to allow them to know of La Senorita’s capture.

All involved were promoted to the Rank of the Forbidden Sea. Yuri volunteered to deliver the Society’s proposal to the Castillan crew, a job with the Society or a home in Avalon to avoid their exposure to any who might link them to La Senorita. Belle offered to accompany him. Yuri’s Letter was sent off to his wife in Ussura.

5 XP

10 pts of general reputation

10 pts of Explorer Society only reputation

La Senorita
Fool's Run


The crew of La Senorita, after being plied with wine and paid a thousand Gilders advance agreed to go with the Sidhe Queen and the Hanged Man to Avalon via Montaigne.

During the voyage, Belle and Dimitri made disturbing discoveries in their research. Monte freed a woman named Feather from an orb in which she was magically trapped. She turned out to be a fairy air princess and enamoured with Monte.

The crew dropped Hanse, the ship’s surgeon, at a Montaigne fishing village before proceeding to Avalon. They also promoted Twofus McGee to 2nd Lieutenant.

Upon arrival in Avalon, the ships were met by a fleet of the Sea Dogs and the heads of the Explorer Society. Monte insisted on overseeing the offload of artifacts and Belle went about speaking with the Society Members about her discoveries. Yuri paid an additional thousand Gilders he promised to the La Senorita crew, then with Tatiana with her puppy, was whisked away for some pomp and celebration.

10 xp

The Inquisition Imposition
Taking a Treasure Ship

The Sidhe Queen and the Hanged Man sailed wide around Marcena to avoid the Inquisitors. However, as they rounded a small group of islands in the northeast reach of the Midnight Archipelago, a massive Castillan ship spotted the two smaller ships and closed, despite being heavily laden in the water.

Alende took the Hanged Man wide and Buchanan took the Sidhe Queen on the inside to pinch the Castillan ship between the two. Cannon fire was exchanged as the ships closed for boarding, but proved largely ineffective against the well-fortified ship. Belle and Tiana hid below decks while Dimitri exchanged fire with the Castille vessel. Monte placed a rune on Yuri that gave him the strength of a Kodiak bear. Zander did his best to hold the Sidhe Queen together under fire.

As the Sidhe Queen came alongside, much of the crew fled in fear, only to be met by Alende’s crew on the other side. Two dozen well-trained Inquisitors led by an important-looking head Inquisitor met Yuri’s charge across the boarding planks. The Sidhe Queen’s crew was no match for the trained Inquisitors and were pushed back onto the Sidhe Queen. Yuri managed to punch through to their leader, followed shortly by Zander, while Monte swung across on ropes and knocked the Castillan Captain to the deck.

The Bosun's Tale
Excerpts from Yuri's Log Book

My name is Yuri Dragov. I am a Boyar from Ussura. My family has made their living for generations in the potato buisiness. The liquid potato buisiness, that is. Dragov Vodka is a popular commodity in the taverns of the city of Odyesse in Somojez. I chose to go off to school and become a barber. Not just some trimmer of beards, but more of a surgeon as well. While at school, I found I had a talent for learning new languages and met my wife Ekateirna. I also met a visiting member of the Explorer Society researching in the school archives. He invited me to travel to Avalon to further my education and join the Society.

However, my new friend did not provide me with transport. I loaded my ornate seachest with Gilders and basic supplies and found passage on the first ship out from Odyesse. Seven ships later I had found I had a talent as a ship’s Bosun and for using my art and medical knowledge to administer tattoos to crewmen. None ever suspected I was noble, for I have the gruff look of the common people. I was careful not to reveal my cash stores, keeping them under masterwork lock and key.

I spent two years in Avalon, corresponding by letter, sending gifts and sketches home to my wife and daughter in Odyesse. It was through letters and rumors at the college that I learned of the Montaigne invasion. My wife sent our daughter to be with me while she kept our estate in order. Then I learned through friends at home that my wife was having frequent audiences with the new Governor. The letters slowed, then stopped. However my stipend continued at a steady 500 Gilders a month.

The Society began to send me out on expeditions. Rather than board my daughter at some stuffy Avalonian Institution, I took her with me. Our travels eventually led us to the Avalonian Colony of New Fenshire. It was there that I ended up overhearing a Bosun quit and hired on to the Sidhe Queen, under the condition that I bring my daughter Tiana.


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