Tales of the Sidhe Queen

The Inquisition Imposition

Taking a Treasure Ship

The Sidhe Queen and the Hanged Man sailed wide around Marcena to avoid the Inquisitors. However, as they rounded a small group of islands in the northeast reach of the Midnight Archipelago, a massive Castillan ship spotted the two smaller ships and closed, despite being heavily laden in the water.

Alende took the Hanged Man wide and Buchanan took the Sidhe Queen on the inside to pinch the Castillan ship between the two. Cannon fire was exchanged as the ships closed for boarding, but proved largely ineffective against the well-fortified ship. Belle and Tiana hid below decks while Dimitri exchanged fire with the Castille vessel. Monte placed a rune on Yuri that gave him the strength of a Kodiak bear. Zander did his best to hold the Sidhe Queen together under fire.

As the Sidhe Queen came alongside, much of the crew fled in fear, only to be met by Alende’s crew on the other side. Two dozen well-trained Inquisitors led by an important-looking head Inquisitor met Yuri’s charge across the boarding planks. The Sidhe Queen’s crew was no match for the trained Inquisitors and were pushed back onto the Sidhe Queen. Yuri managed to punch through to their leader, followed shortly by Zander, while Monte swung across on ropes and knocked the Castillan Captain to the deck.


While Yuri, Zander and Monte took down the two leaders, the other two dozen elite Inquisitors had stormed the Sidhe Queen with ease and some were below decks, already looting. Belle manadeg to charm and bluff her way out of capture, pretending to be a pious hostage.

Alende’s crew was makking quick work of their opponents. The Sidhe Queen crew was not faring as well. Then Captain Buchanan seemed cornered…

The ship’s rigging popped free and began to snake and coil around both friend and foe, dangling them in the air to protect the Captain. Within moments the fighting ceased and many of the Castille were headed for lifeboats. Dimitri splashed a group of them with some bizarre extract that sent them into withing hallucinogenic fits. Yuri called for two of them to yield on the Castillan ship. He put a hatchet in one and Zander cut the other down with a blunderbuss.

Once the enemy was secured, Yuri and Hanse, the ship doctor, set about treating the wounded. Monte parlayed with the Castillan Captain, whom he had bound. Belle decided to explore the captured ship. Zander and Yuri accompanied her into the hull, discoverind a full torture chamber and a massive cache of Sidhe artifacts.

The Inquisition Imposition

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